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I specialise in sharing effective content marketing strategies that I have honed over the years to empower solopreneurs to successfully market their businesses.

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Build real wealth.

Hi there, I'm a firm believer in the ‘Millionaire Fastlane' philosophy by MJ DeMarco. To me, real wealth isn't just about money. It's about fitness, family, and freedom.

I'm here to share my content marketing and SEO knowledge, tools that can help you grow your online business. Together, we can build a ‘money tree' that provides income independent of time, giving you the freedom that true wealth brings.

Let's redefine wealth together. Let's create a life rich in fitness, family, and freedom.

Read the millionaire fast lane and am trying to build real wealth
Sazhya Simanwe - Digitalsimmz.com
I don't want to be mediocre for the rest of my life

Rising inflation rates, underpaying jobs, a lack of fulfilment, a lack of creativity, and the realisation of our true potential.

This is the reality we face if we don’t take a stand and pivot. I’m Sazhya Simanwe, 23 years old, and I’ve struggled to find my worth for the last 6 years. Society told me to go to school and get a job, and everything would be fine, but I found myself unfulfilled, undervalued, and stuck.

The traditional path—education, job, climbing the corporate ladder—often leads to unfulfilled dreams and mediocrity. We end up in jobs that don’t value us, earning paychecks that barely cover living costs, and feeling there must be more to life.

Society’s blueprint, the ‘slow lane’, stifles creativity and individuality, making us feel like cogs in a machine. It promises progress but delivers stagnation, offering security with the risk of a single point of failure—our job. We trade our time for money, sidelining our passions and dreams.

But there is another way—a path fueled by creativity, innovation, and true wealth—financial, emotional, and spiritual. This path requires courage, resilience, and challenging the status quo. It starts with the decision to pivot, take control of your narrative, and redefine success.

Don’t let society dictate your worth. You are more than a job title or a salary. Break free from the slow lane, discover your true potential, and shape your journey. The road ahead is uncertain, but it is yours to create. Forge your path and let your journey showcase the indomitable human spirit within us all.

The Team.

Everything about the company, employees, and organisational culture;

Sazhya Simanwe


Smartly dressed man - Sazhya Simanwe the content strategist

Sazhya Simanwe

Content Strategist

Sazhya Simanwe looking side ways in grey shirt - seo strategist and writer

Sazhya Simanwe

Writer, SEO specialist – I DO EVERYTHING MYSELF

What am I trying to achieve?

I aim to build a community of skilled digital marketers focused on content marketing. Why? Because commanding attention is a superpower in today's world. It is more valuable than ever because ordinary people like us can take benefit of it. content marketing involves offering valuable or engaging information, such as blog posts, videos, or social media updates, to attract and retain people's attention.

Content marketing is about making useful or interesting stuff, like blog posts, videos, or social media updates, to attract and keep people's attention. Instead of pushing ads, you give people something valuable, so they trust you and are more likely to become customers.


Instead of pushing ads, you provide valuable information, building trust so people are more likely to become customers. By leveraging our knowledge and experience, we can provide value to a large audience without directly trading our time for money, and earn an income in the process.

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Digitalsimmz is the place for struggling solopreneurs to come and learn how to market their brand, knowledge and experience to gain loyal leads and turn them into paying customers.

What you will learn

  • How to build an audience and trust via content marketing
  • How to get your content into Google via SEO
  • How to monetize your efforts
  • How to create your brand
  • How to create OWNERSHIP and TRUE WEALTH
  • How to structure your online business for long-term success

What you may achieve if you do the work

  • A thriving online business that gives value to people
  • True wealth – Family, Fitness & Freedom to pursue things that bring you joy
  • Financial independence

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