My Story

My story: the battle to not be average

Hi my name is Joshua, you can call me simmz

My name is Joshua Sazhya Simanwe, and this is my blog. 

 My life doesn’t have that many interesting bits — but I intend to change that. I am a guy just like you, who tired of being average. So I made a choice to take control of my life. 

And I believe it was by building an online content business aimed at 

sharing case studies on how to build an online business brand through content creation, specifically through blogging & YouTube, and by reviewing B2B SaaS services that will help you scale your business faster

 I want to share my experience and knowledge as case studies so that you might change your life too and make life-changing money by creating a passive income machine ??

The Struggles I Had Growing Up

My father died a year after I was born, and the circumstances brought about by his passing didn't allow my mother to raise a baby along with three other children (my older siblings).

Because of that, I lived with my uncle, but he was always on the road because of his work. During that time, I lived with my grandmother.

As a child, I often played alone to be in isolation, and this would grow into an introverted attitude that affected me in my adolescent years in terms of socialization with others. Of course, I overcame it.

But even when people were around, I dwelt in that place of seclusion. I chose to be alone whenever I got the chance.


This is me in 2021


When I was 14 years old, I became even more introverted and shy. However, keeping to myself allowed me to find new hobbies, things people my age probably deemed “boring.” One example was reading books, particularly fiction and personal development books.

I really liked personal development books because my anti-social tendencies made it hard for me to experience life properly in my teen years. And I had a realization that if I didn't change my life for the better, I would always get the short end of the stick from people in this life.

In grades nine and eight, I was the stock of laughter, and that's not an exaggeration. I was picked on by others—and rightfully so. By then, I was a dorky kid. I used to go to school dirty and was always late to class, unlike the other kids. I had no order because, by this time, Mom was late. Most of my siblings had scattered. 

If my school fees were paid, the only authority figure I had was my older brother. He really didn't care about the other stuff (because 14-year-olds are paragons of responsibility). Yeah, so I was a disorganized child, and between that and a lack of confidence, my peers did not take me seriously, much less the girls! That wasn't fun.

Moving On…

What's funny is that I never realized this when I was in school or during those life stages. I had to be disrespected by my peers; kids are mean, but I had a few good friends who I could rely on.

When I finished secondary school, I made the choice to start personal development seriously this time. What prompted me was the desire to change my life from being average to being relevant. I was a loser. It may sound like I am being harsh on myself. However, it was the truth. I was a loser, and I wanted to change that.


The self-development content I consumed taught me to focus on my purpose! And I sucked the message up. Working out, eating right, educating myself on various subjects, trying new things, having a social life away from family, learning new skills, and learning about how to make money in the new age became priorities for me. 

I did all this so that I wouldn't end up an average joe for the rest of my life like most people in this world


How I Started This Blog

Pardon the terrible scale

From a young age, I wanted to create computer software. I was 14 years old. I started with Python programming because it was the most recommended programming language back in 2015.

It didn't really click with me and my friend; it was way beyond us (I really didn't have any use for server-side scripting at 14 years old). We ditched it, and after a few months, I stole some programming courses from a guy who was really into IT.

One of them was a course that taught us HTML and CSS “in 30 days.” It really worked! One of the best choices we'd ever made 

I didn't know what kind of website to create at first. Then it hit me! I planned to create a movie download link sharing website (it's really just a pirate site?). I ditched that idea because it was shady and wouldn't sustain us long-term.


Learning from Failure

And from there, digitalsimmz was created, a blog that initially should make money via affiliate sponsored reviews and teaching people the same formulas that we learned.


This is the original blog

I failed terribly, and it's because I lacked knowledge and had misconceptions about what blogging really is. Here are my shortcomings:

  • I started learning about SEO after wasting months of writing blog posts.
  • My blog posts (or any content on any other platform) were created with no regard to keyword research or search intent, thus it was so broad and random (blogging doesn't work like that in the 2020s)
  • I never truly understood my niche. Sometimes it was digital marketing, sometimes make money online gimmicks, etc.
  • Never looked at blogging (and other forms of content creation) as a legit business, but just as side hustles to make a few bucks on the internet — it was a mindset problem.
  • I looked at blogging as a writer rather than as an entrepreneur. Believe me, that's the difference between successful blogs and failures.

And so what did I have to show for it?

  • -84% in traffic, literally zero traffic. Except bots that use to spam my forum.
  • $0 dollars in my first year.
  • Frustration ?
  • Not a PlayStation 5, that's for sure 

But that begs the question: What has changed? It's my strategy and mindset, understanding that:

  • Blogging is not writing.
  • Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • Blogging is a data-driven way to make money in the 2020s.
  • Blogging is building a passive income machine.
  • Blogging is building true influence (not Instagram influence)
  • Blogging is only getting bigger.
  • Blogging is being a business owner. Not a writer.
  • Blogging is one of the few businesses you can easily outsource.

Listen Whoever You Are, Wherever You Are You Can Do It, Join Me In This Journey From Zero To Hero.

All it takes is a leap of faith. Life is getting harder in the world. Inflation is at an all-time high everywhere; my job and your job don't make enough money for us to escape this social circus.

You and I are slaves to corporations and people that make us labor and deprive us of our freedom (but we can take it back), and I want to change that. But you and I can change that and take control.

The first thing you can do to take control of your life is just start your blog today, like I did.

This is not to make a couple of bucks at the month's end, but to make money that will change my life and yours. It has to be a conscious choice to want to change your life. My friend, nobody is going to do it for you, but if they do, it won't be on your terms, and you won't be happy.

Nobody has ever taught me this or sat me down and told me how to be anything other than average. It's always the contrary; everybody just gives me enough resources and advice so that I can be OK in life!

And I guess that's just life. The decisions that change a person for a better or to reach his full potential are the ones that the person consciously and wilfully makes.

I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude for reading this far

Yes, to close things off. I would like to thank you for being here and reading this far. 

Much love, and I wish you the best in your valiant endeavour to become a greater person than you are. And my friend always remember to:

Keep moving forward…

Meet The Robinsons.